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ONION PLANTS are the best way to grow the biggest, sweetest onions because you get a head start on the growing season. All of our plants are field grown and shipped directly to you ready for planting. With our varieties you can grow beautiful sweet onions wherever you live.

Located in east Texas our family has been providing home gardeners high quality onion plants and other vegetable plants for 75 years

The "Brown girls" pictured at right are our fourth generation.

We are a family based business that enjoys the relationships that we have built with our customers over these years.  We know that it is our customers for whom we are working.

If you enjoy gardening please try our onion plants, regardless of where you live in the USA we have varieties that will produce great onions for you. From the sweetest varieties to the best keeping varieties, you will find what you are looking for right here.

If you have any questions at all we will be happy to answer them at  mail@bopf.com.

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*We never forget that we are in business for our customers. Every letter, card, and note is important to us.*

Letters from our customers

- the Van Alstyne's, ID

Your outstanding service and product offering has changed how I view other providers.
- Cowboy Steve's Salsa MN

I have been ordering plants from your family for nearly 30 years and have always been pleased with your plants and your service.
- J. Sikra, PA

I raised several bunches of your onions ... they are the best tasting, and largest onions I have ever had.
- J.K., IA

I am very impressed with the superb quality! No business close to here can compare.
- R.H.,MI

Thanks for a great shipment of onions. They arrived in perfect condition. The quality of the plants is well worth the cost.
- K. Pederson, UT

Well, I've planted onions for many years. But I never had onions get so BIG. ... The Supersweets got big, but not as big as the Walla - Wallas. I just had to write and let you know how pleased I am with them.
- Ms. S Wright,CT

I have never been able to grow onions like these until I ordered your plants.
- R.H.,MI

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