Intermediate Day Onions (central / northern US)

Our Intermediate Day Onions grow best in most areas of our country, except the far north and very deep south. They begin bulb formation at 12 to 13 hours of daylight. All prices include shipping.

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  • Superstar (Intermediate Day)

    Superstar Onion is an All America Selections Winner! Superstar is a fantastic white onion for almost all of the country.

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  • Hyrid Candy (Intermediate Day)

    Candy is our best-selling hybrid intermediate day onion. Candy grows almost everywhere! From northern Texas to the Canadian border, this variety provides a sweet onion for mid and northern areas. Produces very large globe shaped bulbs with an excellent tasting white colored flesh. One bunch contains 55 to 75 plants. Our prices include the cost to ship the plants to you.

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  • Red Candy Apple - hybrid (Intermediate Day)

    Red Candy Apple is a new red onion variety that has improved sweetness - comparable to Hybrid Candy!

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2024 Onion Plant Pricing
1 bunch order: $15.95
2 bunch order: $24.25
3 bunch order: $30.25
4 bunch order: $36.25
5 bunch order: $42.25
6 to 7 bunch order: $52.25
8 to 10 bunch order: $66.25
11 to 15 bunch order: $83.25
16 to 20 bunch order: $98.25
mixed 30 bunch order: $117.25
Wholesale (1 variety) 30 bunches: $105
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