Short Day Onions

Our short-day onion varieties, which are available until mid- to late April, grow best in the southern to mid areas of our country where they can be planted early. Short day onions begin bulb formation at about 10 hours of day light. All prices include shipping.

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    OUR FAVORITE FOR SOUTHERN GARDENERS! TX 1015-Y Supersweet produces a beautiful, sweet onion with yellow skin and delicious white flesh. It matures a little later than other short day varieties so it will produce better a little further north than other short day varieties. TX 1015-Y will also store better than other short day varieties.

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    One of the most popular varieties ever! Yellow Granex is the variety that produces the famous Vidalia onion grown in Georgia. It also produces the Noonday grown close to Tyler, Tx. As well as the Maui Sweet. It is extremely sweet and best suited for southern gardeners.

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    Red Burgandy is the best red onion for southern gardeners. Beautiful bright red, flat shaped onion with a tasty red ringed flesh. It is ideal for salads and sandwiches. Best suited for southern gardeners.

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    Longtime favorite of southern gardeners! Crystal Wax produces a white skin beauty that is mild and tasty.

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