Over 90 years serving our customers !  

We are no longer taking onion and sweet potato plant orders for this season.  21-0-0 fertilizer is still available.

ONION PLANTS are the best way to grow the biggest, sweetest onions 1549824721888.pngbecause you get a head start on the growing season. All of our plants are field grown and shipped directly to you ready for planting. With our varieties you can grow beautiful, sweet onions wherever you live. 

We are a family-based business that enjoys the relationships that we have built with our customers over these years.  We know that it is our customers for whom we are working.

If you enjoy gardening, please try our onion plants. Regardless of where you live in the USA, we have varieties that will produce great onions for you.  

Located in east Texas our family has been providing home gardeners high quality onion plants and other vegetable plants for over 90 years

From the sweetest varieties to the best keeping varieties, you will find what you are looking for right here.


2024 Onion Plant Pricing
1 bunch order: $15.95
2 bunch order: $24.25
3 bunch order: $30.25
4 bunch order: $36.25
5 bunch order: $42.25
6 to 7 bunch order: $52.25
8 to 10 bunch order: $66.25
11 to 15 bunch order: $83.25
16 to 20 bunch order: $98.25
mixed 30 bunch order: $117.25
Wholesale (1 variety) 30 bunches: $105
click the Wholesale tab for larger orders.